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Arthur Hill is an old man who lives in Camden County.

Before Season 4Edit

A couple of weeks before Earl discovered Karma he and Joy saw an advert on TV about orphans in Africa Joy realized could make a fortune by scamming people so they went around with Randy telling people they were helping children in Africa but only got a $100 cheque which was from Arthur.

Season 4Edit

Earl went to apologize to Arthur to discover Joy was still carrying on with the scam and sent pictures of Earl Jr. just to get a $100 cheque from Arthur every month. Joy was so proud of her scheme that she bragged about it at the Pimmit Hills Trailer Park, so two of her friends Tammy and Sylvia made their own schemes to get more money from Arthur. Earl made a plan to get Arthur's money back and arranged for him to go to the National Rodeo Championships for a few days. Then he faked Arthur's death in a fake newspaper article and made a fake will so Joy, Tammy and Sylvia would get greedy and Earl could pretend go to a man who was a fake layer to tell him their charity's weren't real. The fake layer then conned Joy to give him the money taken from Mr. Hill to give to Earl. When Arthur came back Earl gave him the money, told him that the charity's were fake, Arthur was upset and felt like an idiot so Earl offered him to go to the Trailer Park to laugh at them. When Earl and Arthur arrived at the Trailer Park they discover it now looked like a third world country, Arthur gave Joy, Tammy and Sylvia cheques to repair the damage, Earl tried to stop him as he didn’t understand why he’s helping the people that conned him but Arthur told Earl that when helping those fake charities he thought he was helping people and that made him feel good, now he was helping people for real which amazed Earl how generous Arthur was.

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