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Earl and Joy's Anniversary
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Earl and Joy's Anniversary
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Camden County
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Blake is Earl's and Randy's obnoxious cousin and a very successful professional backpack model seen the top outdoor catalogs. He still has an attitude of a pretty boy that can get the girls and tick off the guys ever since he and Earl were kids. Blake first appeared in Earl & Joy's Anniversary.

Blake's ChildhoodEdit

He is a wildly successful professional backpack model seen in all the top outdoor catalogs. Earl hates him ever since they were kids, when they went for the same audition of a backpack commercial, and Blake was chosen, even while showboating as a model. From then on, he was better than Earl in everything.

Earl & Joy's AnniversaryEdit

Blake the BackPack Model

Blake the backpack model

The two cousins meet at the Crab Shack (during the incident when the bees swarmed and are attacking Camden County) after a long time during Earl and Joy's anniversary party, when Earl finds out he had a love affair with Joy. Angry for that, Earl shows to be finally more courageous than his cousin. Still, he and Randy don't like their cousin Blake ever. That moment finally happened after Earl's obnoxious cousin Blake said, "I'm gonna be busy around the holidays... spreadin' Joy". Even that have ticked off Joy as well when he said her name in that smooth, yet crude sentence. Earl tackled him and the two fight. Than one of the bees came inside the Crab Shack and starting swirling around everyone. Blake ran like a coward and hide in his tent when Joy fell down to the floor helplessly. Earl steps in and stabbed the bee with a corndog stick, thus saved Joy.

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