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Carson Daly is a presenter who hosts the talk show "Last Call with Carson Daly".

Season 1Edit

Whilst Earl was in hospial after being run down, he sees an episode of "Last Call with Carson Daly", in which Daly explains the concept of karma to his guest Tracy Adkins. This has a great influence upon Earl, who takes the idea of "do good things, good things happen to you" to heart, inspiring him to create The List ("Pilot").

Season 4Edit

Carson Daly also makes a second appearance when Randy gets his own list item. Randy retakes the intro to the show, he gets a lottery ticket, gets hit by a bike and looses the $250 winning lottery ticket. Randy watches Carson Daly on TV, in hopes that Carson will tell him what karma wants him to do. When Randy notices that Andrew Dice Clay is a guest on the show, he realizes karma's plan. Randy pulls Earl's missing Diceman belt buckle out of the toilet tank, and confesses the story behind it ("Randy's List Item").