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Clark Clark used to be Carl and Kay's neighbor.

Before Season 4Edit

Clark and his wife Cathy used to be Carl and Kay's best friends, when Earl and Randy, saw Clark, a grown man, shed tears, they thought it was hilarious and they had to see it again. They left stuff on his door step like a nest with broken eggs and a fake newspaper with the headline "Baby Suicides At An All High Time". One day Earl and Randy saw Clark talking to Kay and pointed to the window Earl and Randy were looking out from, then put a for sale sign in front of his house.

Season 4Edit

Carl told Earl and Randy to collect their old stuff but when they arrived discovered that it meant buy it back as their parents were having a yard sale. When Earl saw some lawn darts he remembered Clark and realized it was Karma to make it up to him. Earl and Randy found Clark's new address and apologized to him. Clark appreciates what they were trying to do but the reason why he left was because he had a affair with Kay and he pointed at the window because he was telling Kay that Carl didn't care about her enough becasue he hadn't put up the storm windows up yet. When Carl found out the affair he left Kay and went with Earl to beat up Clark but ended up getting beaten up by Cathy.

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