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Club Chubby is a strip club in Camden County, formerly owned by Richard Chubby.

History Edit

Club Chubby was owned and operated by Richard Chubby before his untimely death, which was caused by his own hand when he shot himself in the face thinking the gun in his hand was a water pistol full of vodka. After Chubby died his son, Little Chubby took over as owner of the strip club.

Season 2 Edit


Catalina tries to escape from the police ("Born a Gamblin' Man")

Earl discovered that Catalina used to work at the club, and was the top dancer. Richard Chubby agreed to pay Joy's bail money if Earl could convince Catalina to go back ("Very Bad Things"). She was at first reluctant, but when she saw what the stress was doing to Earl she ageed to go back ("Jump for Joy").

Catalina was late for a shift at the club, and was pulled over by police for speeding. When they found out she was not a U.S. citizen, she tried to escape, but had already got into her stripper clothes and could not get far. She was taken by the police and deported back to Mexico ("Born a Gamblin' Man").

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