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Clyde was was a car jacker who stole cars with his friend Bed Bug. When Earl was a thief they were known as Clyde and his friend from out of town.

Season 4Edit

When Earl decides to cross 213 (Never let Randy have anything better than me) off his list he buys him a new car but it was stolen by Clyde and Bed Bug. Earl went to get it back but Clyde would't give to him since Earl was no longer a criminal and only give the car back for $15000. Earl and Clyde then took their problem to Mr. Wallace, who took Clyde's side and told Earl if he wanted the car back he would have to pay, so Earl did only to have Clyde and Bed Bug steal it again. Earl decide to snitch on Clyde and Bed Bug to get the car back, when they found out what he did they went to Earl's Motel room and wrote snitch all over the walls. Earl took Officer Jeff Hoyne to Clyde's house to get the car back, but Clyde and Bed Bug had hid the car and pretended not to know anything about it. So Earl sneak back to Clyde's house at night to steal his car but set the alarm off so stole his dog instead, but didn't get far before being caught by Officer Hoyne. When Jasper was caught by Offier Hoyne for selling Chinese babies he snitch on Clyde and Bed Bug telling him that they stole more than just cars to avoid get arrested. When Earl caught Mr. Wallace snitching to the police he agreed to keep quite as long as he got Clyde and Bed Bug to give Randy's car back to him.

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