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The Crab Shack is a restaurant owned by Ernie Belcher, where the protagonists of My Name is Earl usually convene. Darnell Turner works there as a chef.

The Crab Shack has a claw machine, in which rats usually get into ("Barn Burner").



  • Despite Earl calling it "Ernie's Crab Shack" in the Pilot, Ernie is not seen or mentioned again until the investigation into his disappearance years later.

Crab Shack RegularsEdit

  • Mike Cochran
  • Dave Slattery
  • Eric Shackelford
  • Leslie Klein
  • Tom Burt
  • Samantha Larsen
  • Michael Schoenfeld
  • Robert Montoya
  • Larry Polson
  • Catfish
  • Willy Willis
  • Karyn White
  • Marilou Miller
  • Clete Francis
  • David Reiner
  • Ron Traylor
  • Doby
  • Moss Mossberg

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