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Creepy Rodney was a thief who stole a police badge from Randy

Before Season 1Edit

Rodney stole the badge from Randy that Earl found, and tried to use it to steal all the liquor from the Crab Shack, and to make all the women there take their tops off ("Stole a Badge").

In 2002, Rodney attacked Earl with a rock and stole his wallet. However, when he realised it was Earl he gave the wallet back, in accordance with the criminal's code of not stealing from other criminals ("Quit Your Snitchin'").

Season 1Edit

Rodney was tricked into trying to rob a diner by Earl and Randy, and to steal shoes from the bowling alley and taking people's wallets out of them. He was taken to prison after finding a different police badge and trying to use it against Officer Stuart Daniels' sisters, who were also police officers.

Season 4Edit

Rodney was disgusted with the fact that Earl snitched to the police that Clyde and Bed Bug stole a car he was going to give to Randy. He ran away from him, calling him a snitch, but later ended up doing the same thing himself to avoid jail time.

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