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Before Season 4Edit

Earl meet Daniel kissing his babysitter Rachel which upset him as he had a crush on her. Earl took Daniel's wallet to steal his money but when he found a condom he had a change of plan, grabbed a pin and poke holes in it which later got Rachel pregnant.

Season 4Edit

Earl went to go make it up to Rachel to find she was still with Daniel and they were happily married together, Earl still felt he did something wrong and found out what it was when he meet Rachel and Daniel's live-in obnoxious son Ronnie. Earl realized he was the reason Ronnie was born so he had to teach him to become a man in the real world. Three days later Earl said something to Randy that upset him causing to leave Earl taking Ronnie with him. Earl was worried when Randy didn't return before dark and got Rachel and Daniel to help find him and Ronnie. After searching all night Earl, Rachel and Daniel couldn't find Randy and Ronnie then both of them turned up in a golf kart wearing suits as they both when it to a meeting, Ronnie told his parents he had an amazing time and gain some respect, then he moved out of his parents’ house and in to the garage.

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