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Doug is Ruby Whitlow's interpreter.

Season 2Edit

When Joy meet Doug she thought he was her lawyer but then found out it was Ruby, Joy was not happy to be represented by a deaf woman but in the end agreed to let Ruby be her lawyer. ("Sticks & Stones")

Ruby tried to teach Joy how to control her anger in the court room by asking questions designed to trigger an angry response but Joy kept attacking Doug, so Ruby sent her to a support group but Joy didn't like being there and complained to Ruby. As Ruby could read lips Doug put a piece of paper in front of his and Joy's face so he could tell about some prescription drugs that help him control his anger as wasn't happy getting pay minimum wage to say what ever Ruby said and especially since he had to translate when she flirted with guys, Ruby removed to the paper to say what they were saying so Doug yelled at her and realized it was time to take his medication. ("Born a Gamblin' Man")

Doug had a meeting with Joy about her trial and did a background check on her revealing that Liberty Washington was Joy's half-sister. ("B.L.O.W.")

After Josh's death Joy stocked up on alot of green punch, she and Darnell run into Doug and his old-looking wife who Joy mistaken for his mother in a parking lot. Doug reminds Joy that her trial started next week and shouldn't have bought all that punch as she still could be going to jail. ("Get a Real Job")

On the day of Joy's trial Doug eats a lemon square that Darnell has baked for Joy and cuts his tongue on a razor blade that Darnell had put it there, he was unable to translate for Ruby but the only translator available speaks Mandarin so Nescobor had to translate the translator. ("The Trial")

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