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You may be looking for Fred (Season 2)

Fred was Earl's boss at the Winky Dinky headquarters.

Season 1Edit

After Earl managed to get employed at the Winky Dinky headquarters, Fred set him many tasks that he could not complete. He asked Earl to "bring up the middle section in Excel, then you bring up the word document from pages four through six. Part of this will be networked, so leave the web links embedded. Oh, and put them on a disc for me. Thanks". Earl had no idea what to do, so he went to hide out in the elevator.

Later, after Earl managed to get all of his friends employed at the HQ, they tried to steal a copy machine. However, they wedge it in the door, trapping them in a small room. Fred came by the next morning with two police officers, who the gang ran from ("Stole P's HD Cart").

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