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George Tollhurst was the father of Alby Tollhurst.

Before Season 1Edit

When Alby was young, he had a fear of the boogeyman. George tried to assure him that there was nothing to worry about, but after Alby found Earl hiding under his bed, he was forever scared of the dark ("Boogeyman").

Season 1Edit

Earl found Alby and helped to conquor his fear of the dark. His father had never taken an interest in helping Alby past his fear, and Alby went to Earl's Motel room and said he wanted to live with him. Earl called George to explain the situation, but he misunderstood what was happening as a hostage situation, and before long SWAT teams and news crews were outside the Motel. George climbed to the top of the Motel and got to Earl's room, and Alby came out happy that his father had shown that he did care about him, and Earl was able to cross him off the List.

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