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Geraldo Rivera was the host of Inside Probe.

Before Season 4Edit


Geraldo on the Inside Probe title screen

Geraldo hosted the episode of Inside Probe entitled "Claws of Death Unknown" which examined the mysterious disappearance of Ernie Belcher, the owner of Camden County's Crab Shack. He talked to Earl and Randy Hickey, Joy and Darnell Turner, Catalina, Patty, Tim Stack, Wilfred Dierkes (Tim's agent), Iqball and even two time Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip, who was a close friend of Ernie ("Inside Probe (Part 1)") ("Inside Probe (Part 2)").

At some point before it was discovered that there were cameras hidden in the women's bathrooms in the Crab Shack, Geraldo visited them and gave himself a pep talk in front of the mirror (which had a camera behind it, capturing everything he said). When a woman using a cubicle accused him of being in the wrong bathrooms, he undertook a woman's voice and said that it was "not Geraldo" before swiftly leaving ("Inside Probe (Part 2)").

The episode was split into two as the case was so long, and eventually aired eight years after it was produced, in 2009 ("Inside Probe (Part 1)").

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