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Glen Shipley was a fellow inmate alongside Earl in prison. Earl helps him finally make parole and completly turn his life around.

Before Season 3Edit

Glen was a former childhood friend of Earl Hickey. Earl used Glen to steal but instead he was arrested and sent to JDC. He even got a tatto there that said "Fudge the police". Even when he tried to get a job people were scared of him. He kept stealing cars when people made him feel like a criminal. He came in(mainly in) and out(barely) of prison. He eventually decided to stop wasting every ones time and just stay in prison.

Season 3Edit

Earl is throw in the hotbox (courtesy of karma) with Glen. Glen is still mad at Earl and even trys to dig under the fence so that he can kill him. Since it is Earls first time in the hotbox, he gets out after a couple of hours while Glen is in for a couple of days. Earl finds out that Glen throws parole everytime so that he can stay in prison. Earl asked how he could make it up to him and he asked if he could make him a shiv. Earl made the idiotic mistake of making him one and is then stabbed (this is when he finds out from a fellow inmate that Glen always throws parole). Earl then helps Glen to get his last two scout badges so that he can get a sash. Glen is then released from prison, thanks to Earl. Even when being made fun of, Glen no longer cares what people think of him.


  • Glen tried to get a job at Bargain Bag but Josh (a kidnapped Bargain Bag employee) is to scared of him to give him one.
  • When he was in prison he spent more time in the hotbox than in his own cell.
  • It is unknown what Glen will do with his life now that he is out of Prison.

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