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Hank Lange was a friend of Earl's who was sent to prison for robbing a liquor store.

Before Season 1 Edit

At one of Hank's birthday parties, Earl told an inappropriate story about how Hank had sex with a supposed woman, who turned out to be a man, at a friend's bachelor party ("Monkeys in Space").

Season 1 Edit

Hank tried to rob a liquor store with a crossbow, but was stopped and ended up shooting himself through the arm. He was given 20 years in prison for his crime. Before he was transferred upstate, Earl went to visit him to make up for #18. Hank said that if Earl gave him a good day, he could be crossed off the List.

After many efforts, Earl managed to get everything Hank wanted for a good day; his grandmother, some doughnuts from Yummies and his local newspaper from his uncle, and he successfully had the day he wanted before being transferred ("Monkeys in Space").

When Earl realised that he needed to pay the government back for never paying taxes, he joined a group of prisoners who were digging by the side of the road. Hank was one of the prisoners. After several hours the guard took the prisoners back onto the prison bus, mistaking Earl for one of them ("Didn't Pay Taxes").

Hank was mentioned as having broke out of prison several weeks later ("The Bounty Hunter").

Notes Edit

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