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Inside Probe was a detective-like news program, hosted by Geraldo Rivera, which uncovered mysteries. One episode focused on the disappearance of the Crab Shack owner Ernie Belcher, filmed in 2001 and shown in 2009.

Claws of Death UnknownEdit

Geraldo Rivera filmed an episode (entitled "Claws of Death Unknown") about Ernie's disappearance and uncovered about how he died by following a series of leads. Through Joy's knowledge of the secret videos Ernie had of the women's bathrooms, evidence from Josh about how the floor in the bathrooms were being re-cemented and supposed UFO sightings (which was actually just a bright spark caused by Darnell and an assailant trying to steal a Central flag from the roof of the Crab Shack, it was discovered that Ernie fell into the wet cement, shocked by the noise on the roof of the Shack, whilst trying to replace a tape in the women's bathrooms ("Inside Probe (Part 1)").

The episode eventually aired in 2009 after Darnell was able to sign the release papers following his leaving of the Witness Protection Program.

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