Jack Axelrod plays The Electrolarynx Guy in the following episodes:

Camdenites Part 1

The Birthday Party

He is credited as Voicebox Man in the following episodes:

Our 'COPS' Is on!


Sticks & Stones

Randy's Touchdown

Cost Dad The Election

Jack Axelrod started his career as an architect until 1970 at the age of 40 when he decided to be an actor. It worked out well for him in the beginning when he landed a spot on Broadway in 'Ghandi' and in the Woody Allen film 'Bananas.' Unfortunatel, after that he was unable to get another gig. He spent the next 6 years perfecting his craft under revered acting teacher Uta Hagen. He went on to be a guest actor in many popular TV shows including 'Knott's Landing' and 'Grey's Anatomy.' His role on 'My Name is Earl' was his most popular role.

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