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Joan, also once called "Old Lady Karma" is a old woman who changed Earl Hickey's life when she accidently hit him with her car ("Pilot").

Season 1Edit

After hitting Earl she drove off, then called her sister who convinced her to go back to the scene of the accident, as Joan was returning to the scene she ran over Paul who was running off with the lottery ticket Earl lost after getting hit Paul lost the ticket as well which ended up returning to Earl. Joan decided to quit driving and travel on the bus, she put her map in front of the bus driver asking how long it would take to reach her stop, because the map blocked the bus driver's view of the road he didn't see Paul grabbing the money that was blown out of his hands and accidentally hit Paul ("Number One").


Joan (on the phone to her sister): Alright, but if I go to jail you're looking after mom.

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