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Joe is an old army veteran

Before Season 4Edit

Joe was fighting in the Korean war with his friend Jerry, they were caught behind enemy lines when Jerry got wounded. Joe who was scared thought they weren't going to make it and tried to run off, Jerry grabbed Joe and cut off his ear lobe to try and make him stay but Joe ran away. Joe was too scared to go back to help and thought about that moment everyday of his life.

Season 4Edit

Earl had destroyed Jerry's RV and made it up to him by replacing all the stuff he had destroyed, one of the things Jerry kept in the RV was Joe's ear and wanted to replace it by cutting off his other ear. Earl didn't know this until he took Jerry to Joe's house, Earl managed to get to Joe's front door first to warn him, Joe let Earl and Randy in and made a plan to stop Jerry. But Jerry had to managed to get in to Joe's house and was about to kill him when he had a heart attack, Joe had a heart attack as well and reached for some pills that stopped them but they was only one left. Joe gave the pill to Jerry to make up for what he had done luckily the two men survived, Jerry told Joe afterwards that they were now even as he had saved his life.

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