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Joel Malone was Camden County's fastest bagger.

Before Season 3Edit

Joel gave interviews before and after the National Bagging Competition. Various criminals would steal from Joel while he was competing; including Earl, Joy, Randy and Billie. Joel injured his hand by punching a spray painted sign that said "Tea Bagger, get it?" breaking most of the bones ("Girl Earl").

Season 3Edit

Earl noticed that Bille had someone on her List that he also had; Joel Malone, Camden County's fastest bagger. The two went to Joel's house, and gave back the things they stole. Earl asked Joel what he could do to help make up for causing him to lose his chances in the bagging competition, and he said that Earl could enter it for him. After several weeks of intense training Joel had prepared Earl as a master bagger, and Earl managed to get through to the finals. Earl was left unable to compete in the competition. However, Randy suggested Joel and Earl entering together as they both had one good hand. They consulted the rule book which said nothing against there being two players, just as long as there was only two hands. The competition was tough but Earl and Joel managed to win the competition. Joel explained how much it meant to him, and thanked him ("Girl Earl").

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