Karen wrestles with Randy


Karen played by Bess Fanning is the neighbor of Liberty and Ray-Ray Washington. She appeared in B.L.O.W. She also gets paid by her neighbor Liberty to dress up as a Klan member and villiainous wrestler called the Klanimal, and in each match, go up against her rival. Lady Liberty (Liberty Washington) the heroic and graceful champion of Black Ladies of Wrestling (B.L.O.W.), Camden County;s entertaining all-women wrestling federation. She has some pretty intriguing moves due to the fact she was a former ice skater. Originally she could've skated in Nagano and achieve her dreams of being a pro ice skater, but her husband Carlos impregnated her years ago, thus gave birth to her twin children. Karen was about to perform a match with Liberty that Earl, Ray-Ray and the professional talent scout Mr. Saticoy were watching earlier, but Joy with no intention of letting her sworn enemy getting rich and famous, snuck up behind Karen and locked her in the trunk of her car, and stole her costume. But she's ok and in no real danger before she got out of the trunk after the crazy and deadly match between Liberty and Joy.

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