Warden Hazelwood & His Governor Wife

Warden Hazelwood

Governor Katherine Hazelwood portrayed by Dee Wallace is the governor of a not-yet known American southen state where the town of Camden County is located. She is the wife of Warden Jerry Hazelwood who runs the A.J. Johnson Prison. She makes sure he doesn't slip up and create more bad mistakes that would have distasterious consequences which will ruin both of their reputations, screw up their lives and ultimately destroy their marriage. She first appeared in The Gangs of Camden County.

Before Season 3Edit

When Katherine became the governor she ruined all of Jerry's fun. She even gave him a job with the National Guard in 2001, but that failed as he ironically once said "Training? No, these guys don't need training. We're the National Guard, we're never gonna fight in a war." Eventually His wife gave Jerry a new job as the warden of A.J. Johnson Prison but unfortunately he just kept making mistakes: letting over 270 prison inmates escaped after he allowed them to make ladders, and created a mandatory Bring Daughter to Work Day which was a total flop, and even a nightmare for all prison guards' daughters.

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