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Millie Banks is a nun and the former manager of Pimmit Hills Trailer Park.

Before Season 2Edit

Millie used to keep giving citations to Earl, Joy and Randy so they planned to get back at her. As Earl and Randy tested the walkie talkies Millie hearing aid picked them up and thought it was God talking to her, so Earl made her rip up their citations, make them cake for the neighbors and give Earl, Joy and Randy all of her jewellery.

Season 2Edit

Earl visits Millie to get her to lift Joy's restraining order to discover she's now a nicer person and tells her she didn't hear the voice of God it was him. Millie gets angry and moves back to the Trailer Park make everyone misrable again. Earl tried to get her to see a sign but she gets angry when she sees him in her trailer and injures Randy. Earl told her to stop being miserable and she could have been a nicer person all by herself if he hadn't pretended to by the voice of God, Millie tells Earl that he is her sign, she then becomes a nun and nicer person again so Earl can cross her off his List.

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