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Mistletoe the Stripper
Mistletoe the Stripper
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played by Julanne Chidi Hill is a local stripper who works at Club Chubby, even though her name comes from the word mistletoe implies because of her holiday-themed costume. She appeared in Bad Earl when Earl used to foolishly blind her with Randy's laser pointer, made her fell off the stage and have her neck broken 2 years ago, he tried making up to her for that mistake and he did but in her way. She also appeared again in Camdenites (Part 2) when she was healthy and her neck was working fine without a neck brace before she became one of the people in Camden County attacked by Earl's angry exwife Billie.

Mistletoe the StripperEdit

Hoping to make Earl feel better, his brother Randy picked #205 off the list, because to Randy, mistletoe sounds Christmas-y. A few years ago, Earl caused a stripper named Mistletoe who works at Club Chubby, to fall off the stage while fooling around with Randy's laser pointer, leaving her needed to wear a brace for two years. Earl doesn't apologize, and Randy reminds him that he usually uses his nice guy voice when he talks to people on the List. Earl doesn't want Mistletoe to choose what he's going to do to make things up to her while she's pissed off at him. Still, she wants him to feel the humiliation of being laughed at on stage. Earl dons short shorts and tassels to do a shift at Club Chubby("Bad Earl") and so, Earl did cross Mistletoe off his list before he left.

Billie's RampageEdit

Mistletoe finally got her neck all healed and good as new after wearing a neck brace for 2 years("Bad Earl") and was riding on a bike, ready about to go back to work again, while all of sudden, Earl's angry wife Billie after assaulted him and stole his list, attacked Mistletoe by blinding her with a laser pointer and made her fell off her bike, thus having her neck badly hurt again("Camdenites (Part 2)")before a man slips the unconscious Mistletoe a couple of dollars into her skit and left. She then later became part of an angry mob of the people on Earl's list who were atttacked by Billie herself while she's causing chaos throughout the town of Camden.

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