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Mr. Patrick was Jeff Muskin's boss at the fast food restaurant who Earl had to work for whilst filling in for him.

Season 1Edit

Mr. Patrick was incredibly rude to Earl, forcing him to eat a french fry covered in dirt. He was also a very bad man, but Earl could not understand why he seemed to have such a good life. He stole money, was having an affair and kept goods from the restaurant for himself, but had a nice car, a huge house and an attractive wife.

Patrick pushed Earl to the limits and Earl could not help himself from punching him. Whilst in hospital, both Patrick's wife and mistres came to see him, causing them both to leave him. Also, his wife found the money he stole from the restaurant and he was sent to prison. Earl felt bad for causing him to lose everything, but Randy said that maybe it was karma manifesting itself within Earl's fists, and Earl felt better about the situation ("O Karma, Where Art Thou?").