Mystery Fun Land was an amusement park that was mentioned several times in Barn Burner. It was also the central figure of a list item that Randy couldn't do on his own because he could not sign Dodge and Earl Jr. out of the Right Choice Ranch; leaving Earl to do this one on his own while Randy removed gum from every table Earl ever sat on.

Background Edit

Pre-Barn Burner Edit

Before the events of Barn Burner, Earl had promised to take Dodge and Earl Jr. to this amusement park, however he had failed to uphold that promise, and instead forsook that for front row seats at an AC/DC concert, leaving the kids disappointed in Earl.

Barn Burner Edit

During the events of the episode, Earl signed Dodge and Earl Jr. out of Right Choice Ranch (Randy could not fulfill it as he was not their father, meaning only Earl, Joy, or Darnell could sign them out, therefore preventing Randy from completing the list item). However, much to Earl's dismay, Mystery Fun Land had been torn down as years had gone by, leaving Earl at a conundrum he couldn't solve: without Mystery Fun Land, he simply could not cross the children off of his list (and marking the first time such a conundrum takes place). However, it was resolved by Dodge bringing up the idea of forgiveness, something he and Earl Jr. learned at Right Choice Ranch. Dodge's logic for such was if someone acknowledged the wrong they did to another human being and they were truly sorry and tried to repent for their past mistake, then Earl could cross him and Earl Jr. off, subsequently giving Earl the thought of forgiving Randy for burning down the barn.

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