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Natalie Duckworth is Earl's ex-girlfriend.

Before Season 1Edit

Earl met Natalie at the Crab Shack at a biker costumer party and slept with her to find the next morning she was active, girlie, mountain-climbing woman. Earl trying to like the same sort of things she did, but they just did not fit together. Without wanting to hurt her feelings, Earl decided to fake his death by sending Randy to Natalie's house with his wet AC-DC t-shirt and told her he drowned at sea. ("Faked My Own Death")

Season 1Edit

Earl spotted Natalie working in a store and at his Motel room thought Karma was telling him to tell her the truth, but Catalina told Earl to tell her he thought was not good enough, so as to preserve her feelings. Earl and Randy went round to Natalie's house and she screamed when she saw him, after she calmed down Earl told Natalie what Catalina had said to tell her, Natalie is glad Earl is not dead, and gives him a paper-mache bust of Earl that she made whilst mourning him. Earl congratulates her on meeting her new boyfriend, Dirk, and they part. Back at the motel, Earl looks for a pen to cross Natalie off his list, but she arrives at their room, explaining that Dirk's car was found in the woods with blood in it and assumes he has been killed. Earl leaves to get her a drink but he sees Dirk in a different motel room with a stripper, and he explains that he got the idea from Earl. Earl realizes that he could not find a pen because karma was telling him that he had not finished with her yet. Catalina suggests being Natalie's friend; the idea of a man being nice to her for a change might help her. So, despite the fact that he hated everything she liked, Earl hiked, did art and went on picnics with Natalie until she felt better. However, she told Earl that she loved him, and that he was perfect for her. Angered, Earl went to Catalina who said that he must have been too nice to her, and that he should be a bad boyfriend and give her the power to break up with him. After trying everything, including pretending to sleep with Catalina in front of Natalie, she would not break up with him. Earl vented everything to her, about how she was so insecure that she would not break up with him and everyone just wanted to get away from her. Natalie told him that wasn't true as Dirk loved her just the way she was, but when she saw Dirk walk past Earl's room and relaised Earl was telling the truth, Natalie was so upset that she took her life. Earl, Randy and Catalina went to her funeral as Earl put a rose on her body Natalie jump out at him to get back at him for faking his death. Natalie began to showcase her art in galleries, stand up to Dirk and gain more confidence which made Earl pleased. ("Faked My Own Death")

Season 2Edit

Earl and Joy were seen driving a stolen police car in the 'Cops' episode filmed in Camden County, Joy decide to have some fun and pull other a car and told the driver to get out, when Earl saw the driver was Natalie he ducked so she didn't him since at the time she thought he was died. Joy called Natalie a slut and to put her hands on her car and spread her legs, Natalie replied that she wasn't a slut and she only slept with one guy, Earl turned to the camera man and told him the guy she slept with was him. Joy told Natalie she appeared to be drunk, Natalie told her she wasn't but Joy told her if she failed the test she was going to get shot in the face and then told her to hop on one foot while having her finger touch her nose. Then Joy sounded the siren and Natalie admitted she had some drinks at a wedding and begged not to shoot in the face. ("Our 'Cops' Is On!")

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