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The Palms Motel is where Earl and Randy lived. They moved in after Joy divorced Earl, leaving them with nowhere else to stay. Catalina works at the motel as a maid, and sleeps in the Laundry room with many others. Earl and Randy lived in room #231.

Little Chubby took over control of the motel after he began a vendetta against Earl and Randy, even going so far as to change the name of it to Earl's A Homo Inn.

The Palms Motel
9005 Lincoln Blvd.
Camden, USA ("The Professor")

Notable eventsEdit

  • There once was a man living in the motel with an illegal penguin he kept in the ice machine ("Sold a Guy a Lemon Car").
  • Little Chubby bought the Motel, changed the name to "Earl's a Homo Inn:", and had Randy and Earl evicted ("Dodge's Dad").
  • Earl and Randy (and their father) once visited the motel to purchase marijuana in order to save Joy and Kay from a drug dealer who was mad that Carl destroyed the merchandise. The room they visit is the very same room where Earl and Randy eventually end up calling home ("No Heads and a Duffel Bag").
  • Joy got kicked out of her parents' house for getting pregnant outside of wedlock, and ended up at the motel. She yells at Earl through the wall, and Earl comments, "Can you imagine being married to that bitch?" Days later, he ends up marrying her ("The Frank Factor").

Notable guestsEdit


  • The Motel had been given different names on different occasions. It has been known as the Palms Motel, the Palms Hotel, the Palm Tree Motel, and Earl's a Homo Inn.
  • The exterior motel shots are filmed at the Palm Tree Inn in North Hills, California.
  • The Motel motto is "If a hooker comes to your room by mistake, you don't have to pay her"