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Paul was a man whom Earl stole $10 from, which he used to buy his winning scratch card. He was #1 on the List.

Before Season 1Edit

Paul went to Camden Market with $10 which Earl stole whilst Paul was not looking. When he tried to pay he realized he had no money, and so had to leave his scatch card. After Earl got the scratch card seconds later he was run down, and Paul picked up the card that Earl dropped. As he was planning to cash it, he himself was run down ("Number One").

Season 1Edit

Earl tried to make up for #1, but realized he had to give Paul all of his lotto winnings as they should have been Paul's. He gave it to Paul, who went crazy with the money. Whilst trying to gather up a dollar that was blown away in the wind, Paul was run down again, this time by a bus. He gave the money back to Earl whilst in hospital, saying that "old lady karma" did not want him to have it.

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