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Pierre was a foreign exchange student from France that visited Earl's school.

Before Season 2Edit

Earl picked on Pierre for being different, eventually Pierre got back by shouting out to the whole class that Earl got the answers to a quiz wrong and planted a bogie on it. Earl didn’t like looking stupid so when Pierre went to the bathroom Earl strangled him and told him to go back where he came from which Pierre did.

Season 2Edit

Earl sent Pierre a plane ticket, a letter and a picture of himself hoping he would give America another chance. When Pierre arrived in Camden County he head butted Earl and refused to stay, but Earl steals Pierre's passport and wallet so he couldn't leave. The next day Earl showed Pierre the gravel pile, Camden's largest freeway pile up and some of Camden's paintings but Pierre wasn't impressed so Earl introduced him to people who loved America like Joy, Randy and Darnell but Pierre’s mind on America still hadn't change so Earl introduced him to Catalina. Pierre flirted with Catalina which made Randy angry and when Pierre went to the bathroom Randy strangled him and told him to go back where he came from. Earl went back to the Motel to apologize but Pierre would't open the door, the next day Earl fed Pierre though the bullet hole in the wall and got the key to his room from Catalina. Earl found out that Pierre was trying to get a girl with his accent and he was going to have a kiss contest with four girls at school before Earl threatened him. Earl helped Pierre find three of the four girls he was going to kiss and the fourth girl they couldn't find luckily had a nice sister, then Pierre told Earl about a fifth girl which turned out to be their teacher. Before Pierre went back to France he told Earl he made a new friend and was wrong about America. Earl suggested next time he could help him with second base, Pierre agree to do that when he said he next needed a break then muttered "from my stupid wife and kids", which made Earl wondered if he should put Pierre's wife on his list.

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