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Pigsquach was a giant pig that lived in the woods near the Pimmit Hills Trailer Park but was only ever seen by drunk people until Joy saw when she was sober. Joy was determined to catch Pigsquatch to make him an tourist attraction, she lured Pigsquach in by tying some bacon to a piece of string and put him to sleep with a bucket of slop with some sleeping pills. Darnell took some pictures of Joy with Pigsquatch when he noticed that he wasn't breathing as Joy had accidentally gave him too many pills. Joy and Darnell had to try and get rid of Pigsquatch as the county would't take him away because he didn't die of natural causes, they tried putting him on a wheelbarrow but Joy got her hands stuck inside. Luckily Earl had recently made friends with two army veterans Jerry and Joe who got rid of Pigsquach using explosives ("Stole an RV").

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