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Raising Hope is a TV show by the same man who created My Name Is Earl, Greg Garcia. There are many indications that Raising Hope may be in the same universe as My Name Is Earl.

A veiled reference to My Name is Earl is made in the Raising Hope's pilot, when a newscaster on a the television in Chance family's home mentions that "a small-time crook with a long list of wrongs he was making amends for has finally finished, and you'll never guess how it ended", though no other mention is made.

10/16/2012 Another reference: the nursing home Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) is in was named Earl J Hickey Memorial Nursing Home

In the episode "It's a Hopeful Life", Jimmy's friends are standing outside the theatre and there is a movie poster of My Name Is Earl behind them.

Raising Hope house is the halfway house from My Name is Earl that Frank Stump (played by Michael Rappaport) and Paco lived in.

Jason Lee (Earl), Jaime Pressly (Joy), Eddie Steeples (Darnell), Nadine Velazquez (Catalina), and Ethan Suplee (Randy) appear in episodes of Raising Hope, and  of the cast. Also Barney (in Raising Hope) plays a semi-known role in My Name Is Earl. At one point Jason Lee's character refers to Barney as Kenny(the character Gregg Binkley portrayed in My Name is Earl).

In the episode "Don't Vote for This Episode", Jimmy is seen watching one of the pornos made by Ernie Belcher. (It was the one where the girl kicked the guy in the nuts over and over again)

In the episode "Gambling Again," there is an appearance by MNIE character Patty the Daytime Hooker.

In the episode "Don't Vote For This Episode", Burt and Virginia are seen writing on a bag from "Chubby's Burgers", a franchise in My Name Is Earl.

The episode "Making the Band" serves as a kind of My Name is Earl reunion with countless references and several returning actors.

At the end of the episode "Hot Dish," a muffin baking competion in Camden County is mentioned, which was where My Name is Earl was set. 

In the episode "Yo Zappa do: part 2" (season 3, episode 16), Burt kicks NBC producer Graham Clarke in the groin, stating "That's for cancelling My Name is Earl!" and then running off.

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