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Reggie was Earl and Randy's supervisor when they worked for Waadt Appliance.

Season 2Edit

Reggie taught Earl and Randy the ropes while working as Dockers but Earl got bored quickly until he saw the front of the store and wanted to be a salesmen, but Reggie told him that no one ever moved from the back to the front. Earl was determined to get Mr. Waadt to let him become a salesmen and worked hard to prove it. Reggie kept telling him that he'd never be one of them and once he tried he'd never be accepted back as a docker. All the Dockers, even Randy, try to sabotage Earl, but Mr. Waadt takes notice of his hard work, and gives Earl a shot by giving him a week trial to getting him to sell $5000 in appliances by end of day Sunday. But the salesmen were stopping Earl from joining their ranks and Earl failed to reach his goal, when a little old church lady comes in to the store to purchase a boatload of appliances for a soup kitchen. Earl asks the Dockers to load her truck but they refuse as it's raining, so Earl does it himself. The Dockers are amazed as no Dickie has ever pulled his own stock. but while Earl is busy, Ricky lies to the church lady and scoops the sale. Earl gave up as he'd failed Reggie tells him that hung in with some of the best salesmen Camden had to offer and he had to prove nothing to nobody except himself, if he hadn't done that by now it was never going to happen. Earl tells Reggie that he'd failed and it was over so handed his tie and name tag to Mr. Waadt but Reggie walked in and demanding to buy a refrigerator from Earl, Ricky protests that the store had closed but Reggie pointed out that Mr. Waadt said Sunday and it was still Sunday, Mr. Waadt admitted that was true. All the other Dockers line up to buy appliances from Earl in a show of solidarity for one of their own and helped Earl get promoted to salesman.

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