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Hash Brown
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Pastor of Camden Congregational Church
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Rev. Ralph Greene is a pastor at Camden Congregational Church.

Greene was known as "Hash Brown" and was in a gang, he used to be a builder and one day at work he was using a porta-potty and Earl stole his tool belt and knocked down the porta-potty, Hash Brown had to kick out the poop hatch to escape and swore to kill whoever did that to him. He was later pulled over by the cops while hauling a load of assault weapons because Earl had shot the tail light of his truck to see if Randy could catch a bullet, Earl had done Hash Brown a favor as he was supposed to be meeting his gang that night to sell some flu shots and dynamite to another gang but one of them pulled out a tissue and one of his members thought it was a gun then hell broke loose, by the time the smoke cleared everyone was dead.

Earl saw Reverend Greene at a church bazaar and recognized him as he stole his organ to sell to the black market, he told the reverend what he had done and explained his list, Reverend Greene told him about his life as Hash Brown and his big life change. Earl got Reverend Greene's organ back and re-installed it, as Earl grabbed his tool belt the Reverend recognizes it as his own, Earl found out the Reverend was on his list twice and Reverend Greene chooses to pray for strength, while squeezing the hell out of Earl's hand and asked him to volunteer for his Sunday service. Reverend Greene's service was about forgiveness and used his relationship with Earl as an example and encouraged everyone to confess what needs to be forgiven and everyone revealed their secrets to a chorus of "We forgive you!" until the Reverend's wife revealed she slept with Earl. Reverend Greene then lost his temper and decided to become Hash Brown again then starts taking items from the altar, as Earl tried to stop him to recognizes his truck and told him that he shot his tail light. The Reverend told Earl about what happened to his gang and if it hadn't been for him he would have been killed in a gang war, he thanked him and told everyone he was sorry, thanks to his service they forgave him and the service carried on.

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