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Ron is a guard at the A.J. Johnson Prison.

Season 3Edit

When Warden Jerry Hazelwood asked for Earl's help to get the two gangs in prison to get along, Earl suggested getting more balls for the gangs to play sports with but they ended up attacking each other. While Earl watched the gangs fight Ron came up to him to tell him Joy and Randy had come to visit him, Earl asked him why people could't get along but Ron told him that he didn't know much about people. Randy had brought in a snowball so that Earl could eat the inside and he could eat the top like they used to do when they were kids, Joy was getting angry because Earl was all Randy talked about, Earl told them to stop arguing and then made them say something nice to each other which they did. Suddenly Earl had an idea and asked Ron to take him to see the Warden, Ron noticed Earl's snowball and told him he loves the top, Earl told him he only like the inside so they eat it together which made Randy angry("The Gangs of Camden County").

When Earl was finally allowed out of prison, Randy, Joy, Darnell and Catalina were waiting for him, Earl asked Ron to open the gate but Ron told him he wasn't on the list of prisoners getting out, so Earl went to find the Warden. When Joy asked what the hold up was Ron told her he wasn't on the list. When Earl, Frank Stump and Paco were making a plan to escape they were having trouble finding a way getting past the front gate so they checked everything that goes out, Randy told them they didn't check nuns as he once tried to but Ron stopped him as last time he did he got the runs for two weeks and didn't want to take any more chances. Earl's friends on the outside help with Earl's escape by dressing as nuns, Ron asked them what happen to the nun that usually came and they told him that she called in sick which he believed and let them in ("Early Release").

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