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Scott was a golfer who Earl and Randy manipulated into buying them beer.

Before Season 1Edit

After scoring a hole in one, Scott bought everyone in Camden County Country Club a beer, including Earl. Earl told Randy, and the two began fixing Scott's games so that he got frequent hole in ones, constantly buying them beer. However, when others heard of the scam and joined in, Scott became suspicious and the ruse was over. ("Stole Beer from a Golfer").

Season 1Edit

Earl realised that he needed to make up for manipulating Scott, and so approached him with hundreds of bottles of beer in compensation. However, Earl soon learnt that Scott had lost his job and girlfriend, Tess, because of his actions. Earl managed to get Scott his job back, as well as his girlfriend, by showing her that he had given up golf and would no longer put things before her.

Scott moved back in with Tess and everything was as he remembered it, apart from his former dog, Poochie, that Tess was forced to put up for adoption after Scott left. Thanks to Randy the couple got their dog back, and Scott's life was reverted to how it was before Earl meddled.