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Roger, nicknamed Slow Roger because he takes so long to talk in conversations, is a resident of Camden County.

Season 2Edit

Earl got trapped at the Crab Shack talking to Roger who was listing every kind of shrimp there was and listing every scab Tom Hanks had in Philadelphia. When Earl went to his car later that day he found it was trapped in a tight parking space between two other cars and tried to get in by the back window but got stuck. Earl realized getting stuck four times in one day was Karma's way of telling him to make up to Josh for locking him in the back of a truck, when Earl called for help Roger came along but instead of helping Earl he listed all the people that died in Saving Private Ryan. Earl found out that Josh had died and decided to give a funeral but could not find anyone who knew Josh so he only invited people he knew. Roger was one of the people turn up because he thought it was a party and kept asking who Josh was every time his name was mentioned ("Kept a Guy Locked in a Truck").

Roger was invited to Earl's birthday party and told every one that Earl stole his car but listed every part of the car and threw in as part of the car slept with my sister ("The Birthday Party").

Season 4Edit

When everyone was mocking a male cheerleader on the TV at the Crab Shack Roger joked that the guy should wear a skirt, stuff his bra and put lip stick on him. Randy then invited Roger with some of his friends to a cheer leading camp to watch him and Earl preform on the last day, Roger mocked Randy with the rest of the crowd and called him a "Homecoming Queen" ("We've Got Spirit").

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