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Tatiana Is the Russian mail order bride of Jasper

Before Season 1Edit

She spent at least 30 years of he life in Russia, its unknown how old she actually is, but we do know that Jasper got free shipping of his Russian mail order bride. She is a fan of Montell Williams. She, as she puts it:"No kiss on lips" ("O Karma, Where Art Thou?").

Season 1Edit

Earl finds a wallet that he stole from a man at a gas station, #202 on the List. The wallet had $1000 in, and Earl, Randy and Joy had spent the money quickly. Earl realized that he had to return everything that was bought with the money as it had bad karma all over it. Earl and Randy took the items back to Jasper, where they bought them from in the first place, and he reimbursed them. Jasper asks Earl and Randy if they have ever been on-line, they had not, he responds "oh it's wild" and proceeded to show them his Russian wife he bought, Tatiana. Randy immediately asks her to say "Moose and Squirrel". She is unhappy about living in the storage building with Jasper and hits on anyone that comes by. ("O Karma, Where Art Thou?").

Season 2Edit

Joy saw a television cabinet with automatic doors on a commercial and decided she wanted one. It did not fit in the trailer, and so decided to take it back. Bargain Bag refused to take it back, so Darnell decided to leave it outside the trailer, along with moving the couch out there. However, when it begain to rain a flaw was shown in Joy's plan. She took it back to the store and said that one way or another she would get her $3000 back. As she left, Joy saw a Bargain Bag truck, which she stole as a means of getting her money back.

She contacted Jasper. However, Jasper refused to buy a truck that was so clearly stolen. His wife, Tatiana, asked Joy to show her the truck as she would buy it with money she stole from Jasper. However, as they stopped off at Joy's trailer she was shocked to see the surprise birthday party that Darnell and Earl had arranged. Tatiana was scared, and fell backward off the front porch of the trailer and ran away.("Very Bad Things").

Earl, Joy and Randy were trying to sell some stolen silverware to Jasper but he refused since it was all over the news. Tatiana overheard this and when Randy went to the Crab Shack she brought over a Russian con artist telling him that Randy was involved in the robbery and he would give away the silverware because he was gullible. ("Buried Treasure")

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