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Tiffany and her brother Brett were Earl and Randy's neighbors when they were kids.

Before Season 3Edit

Earl and Randy were jealous of Brett and Tiffany because their parents always took them on cool vacations, however one day they went a sky diving vacation with torn parachutes and were paralyzed from the waist down. Earl decided to have some fun and he and Randy took Brett and Tiffany’s wheelchairs leaving them out in the sun and Tiffany had her shoulder humped by a Doberman to completion.

Season 3Edit

Randy found Brett and Tiffany in a wheelchair bar and told them about Earl being in a coma and making up to them so he would recover but they refused to help. Randy brought Earl in the bar to get him a drink and when Tiffany saw the bad state Earl was in she agreed to help Randy but only if she could use Earl to get her ex-boyfriend T. R. back. She figured the best way to do that was to show Earl off in front of him at a killerball game, Earl was put on Brett’s team and was controlled by Randy. Everything was going well until Randy dropped the remote and lost control, T.R. was about to score a point when Tiffany shouted she loved Earl and his fully functioning penis. T.R. realized he cared about Tiffany more than killerball and was so jealous of Earl, he threw the ball at him which bounced on to Brett’s lap which made him score a point and causing his team to win.

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