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Tom Sparks was a member of Earl's band Phiso Tahko .

Before Season 2Edit

When Earl was singing with Randy and Ralph Mariano outside a drive thu he had the idea of starting a band, Tom asked though the speaker if he could join their band and Earl agreed but then discovered when picking up the food that Tom was an old man. The band got a gig at the Crab Shack but Tom's age was preventing Earl, Randy and Ralph from picking up girls so they had a vote to kick Tom out of the band which angered and upset him a lot.

Season 2Edit

Tom was now living in a nursing home where he saw Earl one day filming Joy inside with the other old people to sway her jury to prove that she was a given member of society. Earl wanted to make it up to Tom to cross him off his list but Tom would only forgive him if they put him back in the band. When the band was together at the Palms Motel Ralph apogizes to Tom for kicking him out of the band as he had no father figure growing up telling him to respect his elders, but when Catalina came in and asked "who's the old guy" Ralph wants to kick him out again but Tom says that they can't kick him out as he's on Earl's list inbetween Been wastful and Slept with Ralph's Mom which happened after Phish Tahko's gig. Ralph was upset and threatened to kill Earl but then decided to make Earl marry his mom instead. After Phish Tahko performed at the Crab Shack Earl went to get drunk in the hope that he wouldn't remember sleeping with ralph's mom. While his vision blurred Tom was flirting with Ralph's mom which ended up them sleeping together and got caught by Earl. Earl knew it was clear he didn't belong with Ralph's Mom so got a divorce and she and Tom continued seeing each other, Ralph wasn't angry because he finally got the Father figure he never had.

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