Unnumbered list item 23
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Stole a TV

Unnumbered list item 23 was an unnumbered item on The List. Billie had a similar item on her List, the number of which is also unknown.

Stole a TVEdit

Earl remembered a man, Joel Malone, who was a competitor in a fast bagging competition that had all his possessions stolen. Earl stole a section of carpet and a television from the house. When Joel returned and found everything missing, he punched a wall in anger and severly damaged his hand for life, causing him to lose any chance of competing in the bagging competition again.

Earl entered the bagging competition himself, after intense training from Joel. After several weeks of preparing, Earl entered the competition and easily won the first few rounds. He got to the final, but his finger was broken by Billie, causing him to be unable to compete. However, Randy realised that if Earl and Joel competed together, they would each have one good hand. They did so, and won the competition. Joel was pleased and Earl crossed him off his List.

Billie's ListEdit

Billie also had Joel on her list as she stole a fan from the house. However, she simply gave it back to Joel and crossed him off her List, not realising that that was not how karma worked.

The List

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