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Before Season 4Edit

Wally was a student that had an interest in butterflies at the Catholic School Earl went to, Earl saw that Wally was the most vulnerable student in the school so picked on him until he got kicked out.

Season 4Edit

Earl goes to Wally to apologize thinking he is still delicate, but discovers Wally is now large and menacing. When Wally asks who he is Earl quickly lies, calling himself "Cliff" so he doesn't get beaten up and lies when Wally thinks he replying to an ad for a trainer at the local gym. Earl discovers that Wally wants to be Mr. Camden, but it requires to shave off his body hair, oiling his body, tanning and wearing small underwear which Wally refused to do because it wasn't manly until Earl insists he help him and compete as well. Earl and Wally start to shave their legs but Randy who had taken Shark Adrenaline so he could stand up to Joy, angry under the influence calls them pansies and tells Wally who Earl really is. When Wally discovers this he threw Earl at the wall and then had a fight with Randy at the Crab Shack. Randy wins and then discovers Joy had taken all the stuffed animals from the claw machine he goes over to Joy's trailer to retrieve them, with Earl and Wally following him. Randy takes the toys off Joy including the one Earl Jr. is playing with but when Randy hears Earl Jr. crying he turns around to give it back to him, but Earl who thinks Randy still a monster hits him with his car and tells him he was sweet and loving person. Wally overhears this and explains how Earl's actions made him feel ashamed and changed him but he never let go of that inner sweetness. Wally went on to compete in the Mister Camden competition to show both his bodybuilder side and the sweet boy who loved butterflies.

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