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Wendy was a personal trainer who used to work with Will.

Before Season 2Edit

Wendy and Will were close, as they both were fitness trainers. They started to become close, but both were embarassed about revealing their true feeling to one another, and so neither did. Will wrote a letter explaining his feelings, but it never got mailed becaused of Earl. After this, Will became depressed, quit his job and never saw Wendy again ("Mailbox").

Season 2Edit

Earl wanted to help Will for causing the rift between him and Wendy, and so agreed to watch her whilst Will got himself prepared to see her again. However, Earl developed feelings for Wendy and they planned a date. Catalina heard about this and wanted to stop Earl and she was helping him complete the item to help her feel good. She told Will to go along to Wendy and Earl's date, and Wendy admitted her true feelings for Will and left Earl.

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