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Woody is an environmentalist and teaches Earl about global warming.

Before Season 2Edit

Earl and Randy broke in to Woody's apartment during a heat wave to get some relief from the heat. Woody caught them but at the time he was a drug addict and didn't realise Earl and Randy were robbing him, he thought they were people he knew. Earl and Randy took advantage of this by staying for the air conditioning and robbed him piece by piece, they even tried Woody's drugs but it wasn't for them. Eventually Earl and Randy left when they was nothing else to steal.

Season 2Edit

Earl remembered what he did to Woody during another heatwave but had sold everything he took expect the air conditioner which he had given to Joy. When Earl retrieved the air conditioner off Joy he discovered that Woody had move out of his apartment but the land lord gave him Woody's new address to a self- sufficient commune called Sunshine Collective. Earl gave Woody his air conditioner but Woody no longer need it as he now lived free of electricity, he suggested that Earl and Randy stayed at the commune for a week if Earl wanted to cross him off The List. When the week was almost over and Earl got to know everyone better he asks Woody why they lived in a dumb way when they were so smart, Woody tells him that it’s good for the environment. Earl didn't know what global warming was so Woody gave him a presentation that he showed to high school students which changed the way Earl looked at the world. Earl was determined to save the planet but when he realized the world was cancelling him out he went back to commune and started shouting that they were going to die. The commune calms Earl down and he tells Woody he wants live there with them, but Woody tells Earl that aiming too high and only act local by fixing the Earth five minutes a day.

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